Corrosion-Resistant Port Liners

Corrosion-Resistant Port Liners

Need more corrosion-resistant port liners for your plate heat exchanger? No problem!
We can refurbish your plate heat exchanger to ‘good as new’ condition.

In this case, we replaced corroded stainless steel liners with C-276
( better than new)!

Tricor Metals Field Welding Teams

“The Tricor crew did very good job. They were very prepared, equipped, professional and skilled. Your hard work gaining site access for your crew via ISN/DESA was challenging along with the added material needed during the job.” We’re proud of our field welding teams.

Titanium Filter Vessels

Titanium filter vessels. We are proud to be the ‘go-to’ fabricator for filtration OEMs. We also build C276 or Duplex SS filter vessels. ASME-code quality.
Titanium fliter vessels

Our latest ISO 9001:201 QMS certification

We’re proud of the validation shown by our latest ISO 9001:201 QMS certification from Bureau Veritas.

Tricor’s management and all Tricor employees share our common goal of meeting requirements, with an emphasis on meeting our customer requirements.

We will be guided by our company’s core values, which include integrity and commitment to excellence.

We are committed to continually improve.