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White Paper – Working with a Fabricator When working with a chemical process equipment fabricator there are many important considerations to be made.  The attached White Paper explains the important elements to be considered to ensure a successful project and receive quality chemical process equipment that meets your design specifications, quality expectations and project schedule.   Click Here To Download Working with a… Continue Reading >
Hex Steel Pickling Tantalum For Corrosion Resistant Applications in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical Industries Tantalum is a highly corrosion-resistant metal that finds extensive use in corrosive applications across various industries. Here’s a brief description of the benefits of using tantalum in your application:Broad Chemical Compatibility:Tantalum exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide range of corrosive media, including high concentration and high temperature acids (such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric… Continue Reading >
Equipment for Pharmaceutical, API and Fine Chemical Operations This white paper highlights the materials, equipment and design features of the equipment that is commonly used in Pharmaceutical, API and Fine Chemical applications.  Equipment for Pharma API Fine Chemicals – Tricor Metals Download Continue Reading >
Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director We are happy to share with you an addition to the Tricor Metals team.  Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director with over 25 years of fabrication experience in the CPI, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Steel, Oil & Gas and Mining markets globally with experience in corrosion resistant equipment that Tricor manufactures.   His experience… Continue Reading >
Chuck Young continues on MTI Board of Directors We are proud to announce that Chuck Young, Business Development Manager & Metallurgist at Tricor Metals, has been asked to continue as a member of the board of directions for Materials Technology Institute for the next year – from October 2022 until October 2023 – and has accepted that honor. The new Board will be… Continue Reading >
What is PMI? Positive Material Identification (PMI) – Astrolite Alloys PMI is an examination of welding wire and security-relevant components in regard to the used material. It’s on spot, non-destructive and verifies the compliance of the chemical composition of the materials used. Instead of relying on certificates of composition. PMI verification confirms that the alloy is as specified,… Continue Reading >
ecognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium Congratulations to Chuck Young, recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium Chuck Young, Tricor Metals Business Development Manager and Metallurgist, was recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium held in Orlando in February. Congratulations to Chuck, all of the award recipients and speakers for another excellent conference! In 1977, The Materials Technology Institute was founded to provide like-minded Chemical… Continue Reading >
Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Shell and tube heat exchangers are the most widely used type of heat transfer in the chemical processing industry because of their flexibility in design and ability to handle fluids with varying levels of solids. Titanium, which has been in the heat exchanger service for almost 60 years in refineries and nuclear power facilities, offers… Continue Reading >
Tricor recives the MTI Annual Value Award About the MTI Annual Value Reward The MTI Annual Value Award recognizes members that have realized quantifiable value from successful application of knowledge gained through their MTI membership. Examples could include, but are not limited to: Incorporation of training or procedures developed and delivered by MTI Application of technical knowledge obtained from MTI Projects or… Continue Reading >
Large Titanium Pipe Titanium Pipe – Common IPS sizes available from stock. Custom rolled & welded cylinders and pipe spooling is available too. It’s about the film…  Titanium is protected from corrosion by its stable, protective, and strongly adherent oxide film. Titanium’s strong affinity for oxygen causes the oxide film to form instantly when a fresh surface is exposed to air or moisture.   Titanium is only attacked by a few substances, most notably, hydrofluoric acid, and anhydrous conditions.  … Continue Reading >
Joe Newland In Memory of Joe Newland It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Joe Newland. Joe was an icon in the industry with over 45 years selling, promoting and processing titanium. Joe spent most of his years at Tico Titanium in the Detroit area. The past eleven years he had been with Tricor and was a key… Continue Reading >