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Large Titanium Pipe

Titanium Pipe – Common IPS sizes available from stock. Custom rolled & welded cylinders and pipe spooling is available too.

It’s about the film…  Titanium is protected from corrosion by its stable, protective, and strongly adherent oxide film. Titanium’s strong affinity for oxygen causes the oxide film to form instantly when a fresh surface is exposed to air or moisture.  

Titanium is only attacked by a few substances, most notably, hydrofluoric acid, and anhydrous conditions.   In some cases very small amounts of metal ions in solution, passivates titanium against corrosion assault – furthering titanium applicability in some of these regions. 

Our corrosion chart can help you begin your material selection for your process. We recommend corrosion testing to best determine titanium’s specific applicability in your process.  We can supply corrosion coupons for your evaluation. 

Titanium usually permits designing with zero corrosion allowances for the piping wall thickness resulting in further cost savings.

Tricor Metals has extensive inventories of commercially pure grade 2, and titanium-palladium (Ti-Gr7) seamless and titanium welded pipe (ASTM B861 / B862) in a wide range diameters and schedules.  

We also keep a broad inventory of titanium butt-weld pipe fittings – elbows, tees and stub ends. 

We can also design and build custom rolled and welded cylinders, and custom fittings.

And we can fabricate pipe spools to your specifications. 

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