Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director

Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director

We are happy to share with you an addition to the Tricor Metals team.  Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director with over 25 years of fabrication experience in the CPI, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Steel, Oil & Gas and Mining markets globally with experience in corrosion resistant equipment that Tricor manufactures.   His experience should be a valuable addition to our experienced Business Development and Project Management team. 

Feel free to Welcome Larry with us.  His email is

Chuck Young continues on MTI Board of Directors

We are proud to announce that Chuck Young, Business Development Manager & Metallurgist at Tricor Metals, has been asked to continue as a member of the board of directions for Materials Technology Institute for the next year – from October 2022 until October 2023 – and has accepted that honor. The new Board will be voted on at the MTI Annual meeting as part of the AmeriTAC meeting in Houston October 24-27.

Chuck has been a BOD member since October 2018 and is currently on the Products Committee, Scholarship & Outreach Committee and the Marketing Subcommittee chair for the Membership Committee.

He is co-Champion of the Case Histories for Knowledge Management project and the 2024 MTI Global Symposium.  He is also involved as a project team member on a number of other technical projects including, MIC Corrosion and Duplex SS, Lithium Mining Corrosion of Duplex SS, Detection of Hydrogen Damage in Titanium Tubes and TAC Bulletin Projects.

We congratulate Chuck on this honor and look forward to his continued accomplishments in the coming years!

ecognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium

Congratulations to Chuck Young, recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium

Chuck Young, Tricor Metals Business Development Manager and Metallurgist, was recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium held in Orlando in February. Congratulations to Chuck, all of the award recipients and speakers for another excellent conference!

In 1977, The Materials Technology Institute was founded to provide like-minded Chemical Processing Industry engineers with crucial research and resources, collaborative opportunities and trusted answers to industry challenges. The founding engineers met at the 1976 NACE Conference in Toronto, Ontario and realized that if they pooled their collected resources and brainpower, they could significantly increase their abilities to leverage funding for research. Founders Bob Puyear and Bert Krisher of Monsanto, Paul Dillon and George Elder of Union Carbide and Warren Pollock of DuPont shared the vision of a collaborative network of industry experts and major companies working to solve major CPI issues.

The first Membership Meeting was held on February 23, 1977. Organization structures such as the Board of Representatives (BOD) were then developed with intent of bringing together representatives from member companies to approve funding for research projects, technical programs and technology development. The projects in particular became a key value for MTI members, allowing them to achieve high return on investments by finding new answers to challenges they could not solve on their own. 

Now, MTI and its member companies around the world continue to provide global leadership in materials technology research and solutions. MTI has compiled over four decades of not-for-profit research, resources and collaborative efforts, and continues to foster lasting partnerships with its member companies. 

Tricor Metals is a proud member and supporter of MTI!

Tricor recives the MTI Annual Value Award

About the MTI Annual Value Reward

The MTI Annual Value Award recognizes members that have realized quantifiable value from successful application of knowledge gained through their MTI membership. Examples could include, but are not limited to:

  • • Incorporation of training or procedures developed and delivered by MTI
  • • Application of technical knowledge obtained from MTI Projects or Publications
  • • Savings and efficiencies realized from information gained at live TAC forums, structured forum presentations, or through MTI’s online technical forum
  • • Solutions obtained via MTI’s network of experts and member representatives
  • • Producer-supplier joint projects that have delivered value to the companies or the industry. (There is no limit to how many companies can be included on a single Value Award application that focuses on a collaborative effort benefiting more than one organization).

Tricor Metals uses MTI publications and networking as a significant part of our plan to educate sales personal to better assist customers as a technical source for MOC (materials of construction).

Tricor Metals uses the MTI publications as a part of any literature review to develop possible MOC alternatives to end users to save capital expenses for major equipment decisions.

When receiving an inquiry where the end user is uncertain of what MOC to use we may conduct a literature search along with our own metallurgical knowledge and experience to offer alternatives.  This can save substantial cost for the end user by allowing then to choose an MOC for less cost and still maintain required corrosion resistance.  The publications also allow internal training resources to develop an understanding of MOC’s and their application as well as to understand the key physical, mechanical and metallurgical aspects of the metals and alloys.