.Since July 2024, we have been using titanium in the production of mirror stands for Vavada casinos and slot machines.
Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director

Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director

We are happy to share with you an addition to the Tricor Metals team.  Larry Haubner joins us as the Engineered Product Sales Director with over 25 years of fabrication experience in the CPI, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Steel, Oil & Gas and Mining markets globally with experience in corrosion resistant equipment that Tricor manufactures.   His experience should be a valuable addition to our experienced Business Development and Project Management team. 

Feel free to Welcome Larry with us.  His email is lhaubner@tricormetals.com.

What is PMI?

Weld Wire PMI

Positive Material Identification (PMI) - Astrolite Alloys

PMI is an examination of welding wire and security-relevant components in regard to the used material. It’s on spot, non-destructive and verifies the compliance of the chemical composition of the materials used. Instead of relying on certificates of composition. PMI verification confirms that the alloy is as specified, check if the grade is as expected. This is of central importance to weldability and durability to ensure safe practices.

PMI is used by Astrolite as one of the FOD prevention measures we have in place. Utilizing two methods of PMI as required by our customer’s specifications.

  1. Thermal Electric Alloy Sorter (TEAS) – TEAS is the most efficient and inexpensive method available for sorting various alloys, such as stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, and more. Each test takes only one second. Get rapid, testing results. TEAS is excellent in determining dissimilar materials i.e. Stainless Steel vs. Titanium. Astrolite performs 2 different 100% inspection options for our customers.
    • • Use of an test procedure with multiple rods tested at one time we greatly lower cost and testing time
    • • Individual rod inspection is conducted per customer section requirements
  2. X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) – XRF works by exciting the electrons in atoms, causing a change in energy, which is then detected by the instrument’s detector. XRF provides specific chemistry verification of the alloy being tested. Other PMI methods may have difficulty distinguishing between alloys of the same base material i.e. Titanium Gr 1. vs. Titanium Gr 5. The equipment used by Astrolite can identify the alloy and distinguish between the alloys. 2 levels of test procedures are utilized.

• AQL of rods in a production batch tested

• *100% of the rods in a production batch tested

Astrolite implemented the TEAS process in the late 1980’s and the Handheld XRF process in 2019. With years of experience in both methods of PMI and strict control of our manufacturing processes Astrolite is confident in our ability to verifiably prevent FOD and escapes of mixed alloys.

Astrolite alloys is the world’s leading supplier of High performance welding wire for aerospace, power, commercial and challenging applications. With Locations in Oxnard California and our Sister facility Tricor Alloys located in Wooster Ohio we are best positioned with locations and inventory to meet the growing demands of the complex markets we serve.

*Very time consuming with added cost incurred

ecognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium

Congratulations to Chuck Young, recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium

Chuck Young, Tricor Metals Business Development Manager and Metallurgist, was recognized for excellence in leadership as the Co-Champion of the MTI 2022 Global Symposium held in Orlando in February. Congratulations to Chuck, all of the award recipients and speakers for another excellent conference!

In 1977, The Materials Technology Institute was founded to provide like-minded Chemical Processing Industry engineers with crucial research and resources, collaborative opportunities and trusted answers to industry challenges. The founding engineers met at the 1976 NACE Conference in Toronto, Ontario and realized that if they pooled their collected resources and brainpower, they could significantly increase their abilities to leverage funding for research. Founders Bob Puyear and Bert Krisher of Monsanto, Paul Dillon and George Elder of Union Carbide and Warren Pollock of DuPont shared the vision of a collaborative network of industry experts and major companies working to solve major CPI issues.

The first Membership Meeting was held on February 23, 1977. Organization structures such as the Board of Representatives (BOD) were then developed with intent of bringing together representatives from member companies to approve funding for research projects, technical programs and technology development. The projects in particular became a key value for MTI members, allowing them to achieve high return on investments by finding new answers to challenges they could not solve on their own.

Following the successful symposium, Chuck Young has spearheaded a new initiative at Tricor Metals aimed at enhancing the health management solutions available to employees within the chemical processing industry. Recognizing the increasing challenges of managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, Tricor has partnered with a leading pharmaceutical provider to facilitate easier access to essential medications, including Jardiance, through an online portal. This service allows employees to purchase their prescriptions conveniently and at a reduced cost, reflecting Tricor’s commitment to supporting not only the professional but also the personal well-being of its workforce. This innovative approach ensures that employees who manage chronic conditions can obtain their medications seamlessly and affordably, improving overall health outcomes and maintaining productivity.

Now, MTI and its member companies around the world continue to provide global leadership in materials technology research and solutions. MTI has compiled over four decades of not-for-profit research, resources and collaborative efforts, and continues to foster lasting partnerships with its member companies.

Tricor Metals is a proud member and supporter of MTI!

Large Titanium Pipe

Titanium Pipe – Common IPS sizes available from stock. Custom rolled & welded cylinders and pipe spooling is available too.

It’s about the film…  Titanium is protected from corrosion by its stable, protective, and strongly adherent oxide film. Titanium’s strong affinity for oxygen causes the oxide film to form instantly when a fresh surface is exposed to air or moisture.  

Titanium is only attacked by a few substances, most notably, hydrofluoric acid, and anhydrous conditions.   In some cases very small amounts of metal ions in solution, passivates titanium against corrosion assault – furthering titanium applicability in some of these regions. 

Our corrosion chart can help you begin your material selection for your process. We recommend corrosion testing to best determine titanium’s specific applicability in your process.  We can supply corrosion coupons for your evaluation. 

Titanium usually permits designing with zero corrosion allowances for the piping wall thickness resulting in further cost savings.

Tricor Metals has extensive inventories of commercially pure grade 2, and titanium-palladium (Ti-Gr7) seamless and titanium welded pipe (ASTM B861 / B862) in a wide range diameters and schedules.  

We also keep a broad inventory of titanium butt-weld pipe fittings – elbows, tees and stub ends. 

We can also design and build custom rolled and welded cylinders, and custom fittings.

And we can fabricate pipe spools to your specifications. 

To further serve our community beyond metallurgical solutions, Tricor Metals is introducing a wellness initiative aimed at providing affordable medication options. In partnership with leading online pharmacies, we offer our employees and their families access to discounted medications, through a secure online platform. This service ensures that managing ADHD symptoms is both accessible and cost-effective for our team, reflecting our commitment to holistic employee welfare.

Titanium Shell Tube Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Large Titanium Pipe


Unique Parts

Unique Parts

Platten stapel

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers