.Since July 2024, we have been using titanium in the production of mirror stands for Vavada casinos and slot machines.

Mining Applications

Mining Application

Tricor Metals titanium vessels; 15 ft. dia. x 40 ft. long. For a mine in Africa. ​

Aggressive acids used in pressure acid leaching (PAL) processes call for advanced metals like titanium for vessels, agitators, piping, and segmenting walls.

Tricor is a world leader in the supply of titanium mill products for corrosion applications.

Tricor has decades of experience in designing, fabricating, welding and field repairing advanced metal process equipment.


  • Tricor Quality – ISO9001:2008 QMS, ASME VIII Div. 1, & PED. Fully traceable materials advanced metal processing and fabrication techniques geared to titanium and advanced alloys.
  • Tricor Titanium Mill Products – Billet, bar, plate, sheet, piping, fittings, and fasteners. Advanced processing including shearing, sawing, stocking plans, Positive Material Identificaiton (PMI) testing, and water jet cutting.
  • Tricor Titanium Forgings – Billets are stocked and staged for optimum properties. State-of-the-art saws for quickest deliveries.
  • Tricor Fabrication & design – Pressure vessels, custom weldments, formed and welded sub- components, shell & tube heat exchangers, and piping.
  • Tricor Field Welding Repairs – Experienced and highly skilled in welding reactive metals & high alloys, and available for mobilizing worldwide.