Paul Nagy newly hired as Market Manager

Tricor Metals, Wooster, OH announced that Paul Nagy has accepted a position as Market Manager.  Paul will report to Tricor’s Chuck Young, Business Development Manager and Metallurgist. 

“We feel Paul’s broad experience marketing steel and titanium metal products to industry will allow him to quickly learn about Tricor’s products and services and help our customers as they look for custom designed ASME fabrications, titanium mill products, and aerospace welding wires”, stated Tricor’s Chuck Young.

Paul was previously employed in sales positions with Contractors Steel, Tico Titanium, Samuel & Sons, Castle Metals, and Carpenter Technology - to automotive, aerospace, chemical, oil & gas, and refinery served markets.

Paul is a graduate of Western Michigan University.


Paul will work from his home in Michigan and travel extensively covering the Midwestern USA region for Tricor Metals and can be reached at , 330.264.3299 x2234.   

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